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MasterPeace is a global, multi-award-winning, positive grassroots network of NGOs, social enterprises, partner organizations, active citizens and artists that make the difference locally; at school, in the streets and in the communities. From Kathmandu, Nairobi and Utrecht to Medellin. MasterPeace envisions a world where everyone uses their talent to take action towards creating a more peaceful, inclusive & sustainable world.

The Lebanese Development Network is a national non-profit organization “dedicated to assist individuals, communities and institutions build their capacities by conveying knowledge and improving practical performance to enable them manage the changing social requirements, catch opportunities and meet the development challenges.” LDN works in the education, culture, economy, social and health fields through the various strategic levels of Capacity Building, Social Marketing and Networking Practices, and provides Consultancy, Training and Program Development services.

LUMEN is youth non-goverment organization established 15 years ago with the aim to improve the quality of life of people in our town and region and to bring their social inclusion and activism on higher level. LUMEN’s goals are also to develop cultural, democratic, social and ecological conscience among youth, to encourage cooperation of young people with different interests and activities and
to increase influence of young people on work of local community.

SIT – Center for Counseling, Social Services, and Research is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote and create an equal society for all. Hence, SIT tackles some of the most challenging human rights issues in our society that prevent us from achieving equality, peace, and development, including Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence. SIT’s aim is to achieve this by involving people of all backgrounds, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and any other categories of identity.

MasterPeace Morocco is an organisation that aims to inspire young people to develop their abilities in order to promote peace, through offering learning opportunities about several topics such as Entrepreneurship, Leadership, communication, exchange programs and seminars. Founded in Morocco in 2013, based in Marrakesh, they implemented more than 80 programs all over the country for more than 3000 people. 

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